Friday, January 16, 2009

Its a New Year and We are Wanting to CRAFT!

OK ladies, so we told you that we were going to take a break. Well we have been resting hard and still keeping our eyes open to new craft ideas to post. So, we have decided to post a new item each month for purchase. We want you to keep coming back to our blog to visit. To keep our costs affordable to you all, we have decided that if you like what you see, email us with an order and it can be delivered to you within a week or less depending on item. We can ship your purchase if you would like. Shipping prices will vary depending on weight. Until our next show, we will not keep items in large stock. All orders will be custom made for your purchase. This way our cost will stay low because we will not be mass producing items. So if you see something you like, order now so it will be available for you to enjoy during that month's holiday. We accept all major credit cards, checks and of course cash.
Enjoy and give us feedback on the blog if you have questions or comments.